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The Maurolico Project

August 9, 2000

In this web site the ``electronic'' edition of the scientific opus of Francesco Maurolico (1494-1575) is presented.

The last years have seen a growing interest in Maurolico's character and works. A series of workshops held at the Dipartimento di Matematica of the Università di Pisa (All'alba della matematica moderna. Francesco Maurolico e il ritorno dei classici, 1993-96) made clear the need of a complete edition of his mathematical writings, consisting of more than 5000 pages of manuscripts and printed editions. During the years a research group, made of scholars from several nations, has been constituted in order to achieve such a goal.

Moreover an original language has been devised to transcribe and critically edit the texts. Given an arbitrary number of witnesses, such a language will allow the building up of an uniform critical apparatus for the edition of Maurolico's work. Suitable programs permit the extraction of the several witnesses' texts, and the critical text can be recovered and printed both as an hardcopy, pdf and html format. The latter is the version that has been published in this site.

The edition of Maurolico's works -- and hence this site too -- is conceived as a work in progress, made up of a collection of trascriptions, editions, and researches. An edition of a certain work will be published in the site whenever it will come to a minimum level of refinement, and the site will eventually contain the critical edition of all scientific works of Francesco Maurolico.

All links necessary to visit the website of the Maurolico Project can be found here on the left. It is possible to choose the language of the introductory sections to the whole edition and to the single works. From each page it is possible to go to the Help. Moreover, a section of Instrumenta, allowing a better understanding of Maurolico's character, and a search engine in the site have been added to the "volumes" of the edition proper.

To contact the coordinators of the project and of the site, write to

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